Send me Stuff!

So you've decided you love me so much you want to send me a package and/or card, but most importantly, a package. This is a good decision you've made. I commend you. You are doing a great thing and really helping the needy, i.e. me. Follow these partially easy steps to make both my, and your, dreams come true.

New Mailling Address!!!!

PCV Khayla Johnson
Casilla 11-01-569
Loja, Loja
South America

SIDENOTE: Unpack as many of the items as you can, it will help the package weigh less.

Please try to keep packages at 4lbs or under. Anything over 4lbs costs me money to pick it up from the Post Office. It will cost me 2.50 each additional pound. so maybe 6 lbs, I'd be okay with paying the 5 bucks, but anything more... please be prepared to enclose that much money in the package to help me out!!!! =)

SO REMEMBER. 4 lbs and under is free. =)

Be prepared for packages to take about a month or more to reach me. I also love cards and welcome all of them from cheesy, to sentimental, to chronologically innacurate (i.e. happy 40th birthday!), to the fabulous singing ones. I will proudly hang them up and display them in my room!

I hope this isn't too vain... but I've prepared a Wish List for those wishing to send things... but aren't sure what would give me the biggest smile.

Khayla's Wish List. (to be updated regularly by me. khayla.)
  • Yankee Candle tarts. I now have a glass jar and burner plate. SO pick out your favorite scents and send them on over!
  • Febreeze and dryer sheets to hang around the house to make it smell nice =)
  • Face wash pads, non alcoholic please so it doesn't sting and make my eyes bleed.
  • Head and Shoulders (Shampoo and Conditioner)
  • Old Pop Culture Magazines you are done reading
  • Any fun art's and crafts supplies. I've got a few empty walls to cover!
  • Stuffing, stove top!!
  • Combos (pretzel and cheese type!)
  • LUNA Peppermint and Chocolate protein bars 
  • Any healthy food, snacks you want. I'm open to new things
  • PB m&ms
  • Noodle packs of all kinds!
  • Any sort of cooking food where you just add water. (ex. stuffing)
  • Velveeta mac n cheese/ Easy Mac cheese powder (if you want you can even keep the noodles and just send a bunch of cheese packets =))
  • Different Condiment packets (I'm good on Mustard and Ketchup and Mayonaise!)(chik-fil-a and other places are welcome too!) BOARS HEAD PUBLIX HONEY MUSTARD. 
  • Relish! 
  • Parmesan cheese! The powdered kind for you spaghetti =)
  • Jerky yum yum yum, SLIM JIMMMMMS
  • Crystal light packets (raspberry and Pink Lemonade, all lemonades are the best)
  • Gatorade powder packets
  • Bush baked beans
  • Any yummy food that keeps well
  • Chilli powder
  • Italian bread crumbs ($1 at Wal mart)
Specific questions? Comment below or email me at kthanx, love ya!