Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wheeeeeeeere's Khayla?

Where am I?

The information in this short update is, I promise, more of a surprise to me than it is to you. I still can’t believe it happened… but here goes!… I am writing this entry from Loja,Ecuador, in South America. What’s that? Did I type that right? Am I sure? Heck yes I am!!!

Here I am!
I’ve been offered the opportunity of a lifetime for a new Peace Corps initiative in Ecuador. I applied, and got approved for a transfer. I will now be living here until at least April 2014. I did almost a year and a half in Uganda, and will be doing another year and a half in Ecuador. It’s a gigantic change, to which I’m still adjusting, but it feels right and I’ve yet to have a single doubt about changing countries. I’m very grateful for my time in Uganda. Grateful for how I grew, learned to appreciate life, learned just how much I love my family (and how much they love me), and learned to survive. Above all, I’m grateful for the people I met along the way, especially the other Peace Corps Volunteers. I can’t wait until they start to end their service and come visit me here. I miss you guys every day.

The gates to the entrance of my new city Loja
On the note of transferring, I’m beginning to write entries for here, but first I have two more important entries I want to write for Uganda. While I enjoy being able to fill in everyone on my life adventures, these entries also serve to help me record stories I never want to forget. SO: two more Uganda entries, then an around-the-world switch! Enjoy! Oh and if you thought my language was bad before… Just wait until you see the downhill affect of throwing yourself into learning Spanish. Dios Mio!